Proposed Legislation Has Teeth for Parents Who Frustrate the Other Parent’s Visitation and Timesharing

When a parent consistently doesn’t pay child support, the family court typically has a range of options to enforce their support obligations, and to punish them and deter future nonpayment.

When a parent withholds court-ordered visitation and timesharing with a child, the family court’s enforcement options are considerably narrower and more limited.

But, in response to a particularly egregious case, the Illinois legislature is looking to change that.

New proposed legislation in Illinois would allow family courts to:

  1. incarcerate noncompliant parents

  2. require them to post bonds

  3. impose increasing monetary fines on them

  4. revoke driver’s licenses and revoke business licenses and

  5. modify custody based on the denial of visitation

Read more in this [Springfield, IL] State Journal-Register article: ‘Steven Watkins’ bill passed by Illinois House committee and this Capitol Fax article: Strong penalties proposed for visitation violations.