Six Year Old Arrested at School and Charged with Battery on Principal … To Get Him Help

Child is in kindergarten.

For reasons unknown, Child is acting out – badly. Child allegedly kicks Principal … and threatens to kill various school officials.

This is not Child’s first such incident at school. This time, Principal calls the police.

Child is kicking and screaming when police arrive, attributing his conduct to the devil. Police arrest Child … and charge him with battery.

The Principal expresses concern for the safety of other students and school personnel. But describes Child as a “good student-just having some difficulties”.

Law enforcement authorities state perhaps the most compelling reason for Child’s arrest: the juvenile justice system’s vast resources can be brought to bear toward helping this troubled Child … where his parents’ limited resources have failed and they, like his school, are frustrated and stymied.

This is one of a number of similar cases in the news recently. Juvenile delinquency is often a symptom of family difficulties.

The sad thing is that there may be undiscovered community resources available to help Child without resort to the juvenile justice system. Unfortunately, too often, such resources are not well publicized.

Pushing parents and schools to call the police on children. When the parents and the children in question might benefit more from consulting an attorney knowledgeable of the local juvenile courts and community resources and services for juveniles.