Sometimes Divorce Isn’t Really Necessary … But Some May Desire It Anyway

A Washington state woman is undoubtedly the envy of many spouses contemplating divorce.

Her husband simply up and disappeared one day – about four months ago.

In some instances, the disappearance might eliminate the need for a divorce entirely. Instead, the missing spouse could eventually be declared dead.

But, for whatever reason, this woman apparently couldn’t wait anywhere near that long.

She reportedly already filed for divorce, weeks ago. The grounds she relied upon were her husband’s alleged willful abandonment.

Interestingly, in her court papers, the woman alleges that she was a victim of domestic violence by her husband and requests that any visitation with their children be supervised.

She also sought a court award of all of the couple’s property and asked the court to distribute all of their debt to him. Good deal.

Police have tentatively concluded that the man’s disappearance was not suspicious.

Rather, they believe that he simply chose to disappear and start his life over.

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