State Seeks to Terminate Parental Rights of Mother Accused of Murdering Two of Her Children, as Well as Those of the Father of Each Child

Michigan Mother had four Children. Two of them, aged 9 and 13, are deceased.

Allegedly by Mother’s own hand.

The deceased Children’s bodies were found in a large freezer, wrapped in plastic, when the authorities were executing an eviction at Mother’s home. It is believed that the Children died over a year before their bodies were found.

Mother has been charged with felony murder, premeditated murder, child abuse and torture in each Child’s death.

The surviving Children, born of two different fathers, are in the care of a relative of Mother’s.

A case is pending to terminate Mother’s and the Children’s respective fathers’ parental rights.

Both fathers are reportedly delinquent in their respective child support obligations. It further appears that each is allowed only supervised visitation and has not exercised visitation for a long time.

At a hearing in the case to terminate Mother’s parental rights, Mother seized the opportunity to heatedly accuse one of the Children’s fathers of having “never been there” and flew into an enraged rant when one of the fathers requested unsupervised visitation with one of the surviving Children.

Mother was removed from the courtroom when she became disruptive.

Mother will undergo a competency evaluation in the criminal case pending against her.


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