StepFather Faces Fifteen Years’ Imprisonment for Three Hundred Fifty Counts of Sexual Offenses Against His Children and StepChild Over Twenty Years

Stepfather in Germany lives with Wife and fifteen children.

Four of the children are Stepfather’s stepchildren from a prior marriage of Wife’s.

Four of the children are Wife’s and Stepfather’s together.

Seven of the children are children of Stepfather’s stepdaughter and … Stepfather’s. As confirmed by DNA testing.

Stepfather allegedly regularly raped his Stepdaughter and two of his own children for twenty years.

Stepfather also reportedly prostituted his own daughter and his stepdaughter for money.

Stepfather is also accused of nonsexual domestic violence against members of his family.

Stepfather is charged with 350 separate counts of sexual offenses against his children and stepchildren, and roughly 35 counts related to prostitution.

If convicted of the 350 plus separate transgressions over a twenty year period, Stepfather faces up to fifteen years’ imprisonment.

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