Support Payments Hit the Information Superhighway

Need to make an alimony or child support? Odds are that you can do that online today.

But, what if you prefer the old-fashioned way, say a paper check?

Well, that could be a no go, at least in Spartanburg, NC. They no longer accept real, uh, traditional checks.

Credit cards, fine. Electronic checks; those work too. Just no paper.

According to the local government, their new online payments system saves the government quite a bit of money, speeds up collections, and frees up considerable staff time.

So what’s wrong with that? Probably not much for the vast majority of people paying support today.

But for some folks, the nominal credit card processing service charges passed on to them add an incremental but cumulative “insult” to the injury of paying support.

And for a handful of people who are not computer literate or who don’t own computers, it will be a real inconvenience at the very least.

Read more in this Spartanburg [SC] Herald-Journal article: Court takes online payments but refuses checks