Swiss Court to Rule on What May Be Record-Breaking Property Division of at Least 6 Billion UK Pounds Between Ultra-Rich Russian Couple Living in Switzerland

What may become the highest ticket divorce in the world is about to unfold in Switzerland around a super-wealthy Russian couple.

Husband made his money in mining. All 6 Billion UK pounds of it … or, according to Wife, much more.

Among their assets are a valuable art collection featuring paintings by the greatest artists of all time, a yacht worth 72 million pounds and high end real estate scattered around the globe. Including a 62 million pound mansion down the road in Palm Beach, Florida. Previous owner: Donald Trump.

Wife alleges that Husband has had multiple affairs, and carried on with some of his mistresses on their very own yacht.

Wife (of more than twenty years) is seeking nearly 4 billion pounds as what she claims is her fair share (half) of Husband’s true wealth.

Wife also alleges that Husband has hidden assets abroad.

Husband, however, alleges that Wife signed a postnuptial agreement precluding as huge a property division award to her as she is seeking.

Husband also contends that he no longer possesses much of the wealth Wife attributes to him.

Although Russian nationals, the couple and their children have lived in Geneva since 1995.

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