Technology Aids Uncovering Hidden Assets in Divorce

  1. Computers

    • Keystroke Loggers

    • Hard Drives

    • Browsers

    • Social Media

  2. Smart Phones

    • Text messages

    • GPSes

  3. GPSes

Just a few of the high tech gadgets that may come into play in modern divorces, in more than one way. The ways that probably spring to mind first probably have to do with parental fitness for custody … or marital misconduct.

Because modern spouses conduct an enormous amount of their personal and professional business and interactions on their computers and the internet.

As a result, the technology is proving surprisingly effective at revealing hidden assets, both suspected and unexpected. Cheaper and faster than surveillance and experts lacking specific leads.

Of course, some of these informal investigations may be illegal. So beware that you are proceeding at your own peril – and against legal advice. And that you may not be able to use your illegal evidence in family court.

But, truthfully, that doesn’t mean it can’t come in handy. In settlement negotiations, for example. Or in informing completely legal discovery pursuits.

The reality is that there is need to dig for information.

Surveys report that nearly a third of spouses / partners aren’t forthcoming about money and assets with their significant others. And a whopping fifty-eight percent of them admit to hiding money from their significant other.

And the magnitude is sometimes extreme. One husband told his wife that a business he owned had no value. Google disagreed, revealing that he had received millions in proceeds from its sale.

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