The Case of The Mysterious Vanishing $77,000 Texas Engagement Ring

Professional Texas football player-Boyfriend gives Girlfriend an engagement ring … a $77,000 engagement ring, give or take a few dollars.

But Boyfriend doesn’t simply hand it to her as he pops the question.

No, he sends it to her, in a box, along with some money for tuition and dental work, a gift ball for her brother and – a recording of his proposal.

And next thing he knows, poor Boyfriend gets an unpleasant surprise. Girlfriend turns him down!

Disappointing, but not the end of the world.

However, Girlfriend allegedly doesn’t return Boyfriend’s ring. Now that could be the end of the world.

It appears that Boyfriend bypasses sending a recorded message about that in favor of a more direct and expeditious “request” for return of the ring.

Only Girlfriend reportedly claims to have lost it. These things happen …

But the insurance company won’t let it go at that. And, lo and behold, reportedly finds the ring …

With Girlfriend’s Father.

Boyfriend sues Girlfriend. And Father.

(This case would appear to be controlled by Texas law. There is some recent flux in this area of the law in some states. But if this couple lived in Florida, Boyfriend would be on stronger footing.)

Father tells reporters that he plans to return the ring to Boyfriend. Although he doesn’t say exactly when.

But he’s probably good for it, right?

All’s well that ends well?

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