The “Divorce Fair” Makes its North American Debut in Canada

It’s been a couple of years since the World’s First “Divorce Fair” was held in Vienna.

And now they’re working their way closer to home.

Next month, Nova Scotia, Canada will be hosting Canada’s First “Divorce Fair”, an event where those contemplating divorce can hear from legal, financial and psychological professionals serving people going through divorce.

The organizer of the Fair is a (currently nonpracticing) family law attorney from the UK, who now manages the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia.

She reports that one-third of inquiries directed to the Society pertain just to divorce matters.

And that forty percent of Canadian marriages end with divorce.

The Society’s director believes that too many divorcing spouses are inadequately informed about divorce law though. She hopes that the Divorce Fair will help to make up for that. (Although she recommends that every divorcing spouse consult an attorney about his or her particular situation.)

The two day Fair is divided up based on gender, with the first day being oriented toward men’s concerns and the second day being oriented toward women’s concerns.

Needless to say, it wouldn’t do to have a husband and wife who have not discussed divorce with each other run into one another at a Divorce Fair.

Read more in this [Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada] Chronicle Herald article: Breaking up is hard to do.