‘Tis The Season … for Domestic Violence

While most people were enjoying a long Thanksgiving holiday with family last weekend, others weren’t enjoying themselves at all.

Even in Ogden, Utah, police report more complaints on Thanksgiving of domestic violence and disputes over timesharing requiring police intervention.

On a broader scale, the University of California recently analyzed 911 calls and concluded that there were sizable increases in them on certain holidays:

  • Thanksgiving – 22%
  • Christmas – 17%
  • New Year’s Eve – 32%
  • July 4th – 28%
  • Memorial Day – 30%

The UC study also noted an 8% increase in domestic violence on the occasion of a surprise loss in a professional football game.

And the study also noted an 8%-10% increase in domestic violence on “hot days”.

Too much togetherness, too much alcohol, the stress of the holidays and a weak economy all contribute to the above statistics.

Read more in this Salt Lake City, UT KSTU Fox 13 Now news article: Domestic Violence Calls Rise on Thanksgiving.