Toddler Drowns While Mother is Apparently “Intoxicated” … By Her Smartphone

Chinese Husband and Wife have four year old Son.

Wife and Son visit a resort with a swimming pool.

Wife and Son go into the pool.

While in the swimming pool with Son, Wife, her back to Son, seemingly becomes enthralled by her cell phone.

So enthralled, that Wife is apparently totally oblivious as Son encounters difficulty, struggles to stay afloat and eventually drowns in the pool after several minutes.

All while Wife – as well as other people in the pool – are just a few feet away.

Surveillance video captures the entire tragic course of events.

The resort is currently closed pending investigation of the incident by law enforcement.

If Wife had other children in her care, surely the local child welfare agency would have taken them into temporary protective custody during the investigation.

Whether the tragedy is ultimately ruled to be child neglect or freak accident, it should in any event serve as a powerful reminder that young children in a pool must be closely supervised, continuously.

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