Troubled Economy Sparks Child Abuse, Especially Sexual Abuse

Big corporations, their shareholders and employees aren’t the only ones hurt by the shaky economy. Nor are small businesses, their owners and employees.

In San Antonio, community resources are noting other increasing casualties of the financial markets: there is reportedly a marked rise in the incidence of child abuse – especially child sexual abuse.

One local facility, ChildSafe, aims to help children in crisis and their families.

Their Teddy Bear Room is equipped with stuffed animals to make children more comfortable before law enforcement interviews them.

Lately, the Teddy Bear Room (and similar places) are being utilized by hundreds more children than usual.

Over the last six weeks alone, ChildSafe has had twice as many child abuse victims come through their doors.

Even families they’ve helped in the past are seeking additional services now due to the economic slump.

Sadly, troubled families and/or family members have to remember and be reminded that their children are not at fault.

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