Twelve Year Old Girl Allegedly Stabs Stepmother to Death and Father Superficially

Twelve year old Daughter lives with Father and Stepmother, as well as Stepmother’s daughter.

By all accounts, they are a quiet, ordinary family, without any history of domestic strife calling for police intervention.

Until one fateful evening, when Daughter and Stepmother get into an argument.

Angry, Daughter starts a fire in her bedroom. When Stepmother tries to deal with the situation, Daughter allegedly stabs her … to death.

When Father attempts to restrain Daughter, Daughter allegedly stabs him – once, less severely – as well, then flees.

Police find and arrest Daughter the following morning.

Despite the superficial appearance of peacefulness, neighbors report that Daughter admitted to anger management issues and Stepmother worried about Daughter’s disobedience.

Daughter is being held pending formal charging, with appointment of a guardian ad litem and a public defender.

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