UK Court Awards Wife and Kids Exclusive Use and Possession of Marital Residence and Bars Old Money, Multi-Millionaire Husband from His Ancestral Mansion … and Harassing Wife

Old money, multi-millionaire Husband, Wife and their five children live in “ancestral” mansion home in the UK for twenty-odd years.

Couple divorce.

Wife characterizes Husband as a controlling, critical bully, responsible for her depression.

Court orders fifty-nine year old Husband to vacate home … and to stay away from Wife.

Quite unseemly …

Husband appeals, objecting to being evicted from his own parents’ home, without adequate provocation or justification.

Husband asserts that the mansion is large enough to accommodate the entire family, without them tripping over one another.

Husband remains in the ancestral mansion home pending his appeal.

Regrettably, the principle of awarding exclusive use and possession of the marital residence to a dependent spouse and/or caregiver for the minor children of the marriage probably does not take into proper account that some marital residences were ancestral mansion homes before they became marital residences.

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