Uncontested Divorce Is Not Necessarily Simple or Fast, But It is Less Expensive and Acrimonious

Contrary to what most people think, uncontested divorce doesn’t necessarily mean instant divorce or simple divorce.

In fact, it can often take quite a while before parties can come to agreement on all issues. And that is precisely what must happen before a divorce can be considered “uncontested”.

Even if a divorce is uncontested (which may simply mean that eventually it achieves uncontested status by virtue of reaching a settlement agreement), it still brings upheaval and change. But it should be less expensive and less acrimonious.

In addition to taking care of “legal business”, there are also financial affairs to untangle and take stock of, even in an uncontested divorce.

Consultation with a divorce financial analyst or other financial professional may be worthwhile step toward reaching a settlement … and toward preparing for the future as a single – or a single parent.

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