Child Residing in US Abducted During Court-Ordered Visitation with Father in Australia

She did everything right …

The court awarded her residential custody of her children. When she decided that she wanted to move to the US with her kids, she obtained permission from the Australian court last year, ahead of time.

The Australian court ordered her to send the kids back to Australia to visit with their father twice a year. So she did.

She did everything right.

And on what was likely the second such visit, the father abducted their younger child.

She made an application for return of the twelve year old boy to the US under the Hague Convention. But the boy can’t be returned if he can’t be found.

She and her daughter had to move back to Australia, leaving their new lives in the US behind, to be closer to the search.

But after three months, her son still hasn’t been found. They believe that the father is on the run with him in a mobile home.

Neither mother, his sister or any of his friends in the US or Australia has heard from him by e-mail or phone.

She did everything right …

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