Wife Who Allegedly Took Husband’s Winning Lottery Ticket is Facing Civil Suit and Criminal Charges as well as Divorce

Older Canadian couple married ten years. Husband is two decades older than Wife.

Husband buys lottery ticket. Winning ticket will pay out $3.5 million Canadian.

Husband alleges Wife stole his winning ticket, gave it to her daughter and received a substantial gift from her daughter from the winnings. Husband also alleges that Wife manipulated his medications to facilitate taking advantage of him.

Then Wife files for divorce.

Then Husband brings a civil lawsuit against Wife, her daughters and their husbands and Wife’s grandson and his wife.

Then police arrest Wife and one of her daughters on fraud, forgery and possession of stolen property.

Civil suit judge freezes the assets of the whole lot of them – and orders them to prepare inventories of all purchases with the lottery winnings.

Wife’s defense in the civil suit appears to be that she spent some of the “gift from her daughter” on Husband.

Wife admits only that she did not tell Husband that his ticket won until that piece of news was published in the papers.

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