Years After Divorce Over, Parents Still Fighting Over Custody, Timesharing and Visitation

Michigan Husband and Wife have three Daughters together, aged nine through fourteen. Husband and Wife divorce – in 2009. Child custody disputes are never ending though.

Wife has reportedly leveled allegations of child abuse against Husband. The Family Court has, however, found that Husband has not abused or harmed Daughters.

Nonetheless, Daughters refuse to go to visitation and timesharing with Husband.

Husband files a motion for modification of timesharing, seeking sole custody of Daughters, alleging that Wife has blocked visitation and is alienating Daughters from him.

For their apparent recalcitrant conduct, the Family Court sends Daughters to a juvenile detention boot camp, while it sorts things out.

The Family Court also orders Daughters to submit to medical examinations by their regular pediatrician, as required by the boot camp.

Husband also requests an order for Wife to undergo a psychological evaluation. The Family Court actually does one better, ordering the entire family to have psychological evaluations.

Later the Family Court orders Daughters released from the boot camp and sent to an ordinary camp while it continues to sort things out. The Family Court also orders Husband and Wife to foot the bill.

The Family Court has also tried to intimidate / coax Wife into complying with its visitation orders without having to actually impose incarceration on her … which would potentially result in Daughters’ further confinement in a juvenile facility.

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