Young Woman Makes Paying Her Boyfriend’s Child Support for Another Woman’s Children Her Top Priority

Girlfriend and her two toddlers cohabitate with Boyfriend.

Boyfriend has child from another relationship.

Boyfriend owes back child support.

How much?

Enough to land him in jail for nonpayment of support.

Girlfriend wants Boyfriend back home with her.

So, she, consciously or unconsciously, resolves to do what she must to accomplish that.

That turns out to include allegedly robbing a bank for child support money.

Girlfriend also reportedly uses a toy gun.

After allegedly committing the robbery, Girlfriend heads to the jail to pay Boyfriend’s child support arrears.

Needless to say, Girlfriend is caught and arrested.

Eventually, convicted. And sentenced to six years’ incarceration … to be followed by five years of probation.

Now neither Boyfriend nor Girlfriend are at home with Girlfriend’s toddlers.

And Boyfriend likely isn’t seeing his own child either.

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