Young Woman Returns to US with Mother after Decade in Hiding from Alleged Sexual Abuse by Father

New Hampshire Husband and Wife, both medical doctors, have Daughter together.

Husband and Wife divorce in 1998. Both remarry, and Wife has another child, Son.

Wife has accused Husband of physically abusing Wife.

When Daughter is roughly eight years old, Wife accuses Husband of physically abusing Daughter and of sexually abusing Daughter.

Law enforcement declined to prosecute Husband after investigation.

The New Hampshire family court ordered no restrictions on Husband’s visitation and timesharing with Daughter. Some involved in the case believed that Wife coached Daughter in an effort to alienate Daughter from Husband.

So, in 2004, Wife and her husband, Stepdad, secretly relocated with Daughter to a remote area in the Honduras. Later, they relocated to a remote area of Costa Rica.

During this time, Husband and Stepdad were indicted in New Hampshire for custodial interference and the family court awarded primary custody of Daughter to Husband.

Wife and Stepdad lived abroad for a decade … until well after Daughter turned eighteen. And then returned to the US, understanding that they would have to “face the music” for their actions.

Wife and Stepdad are charged with felony custodial interference and other charges … and eventually enter a plea deal in which they plead guilty to the one charge each of misdemeanor custodial interference, and agree to serve relatively brief sequential sentences in prison.

Daughter continues to maintain that Husband sexually abused her.


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