A Novel Way to Get Closure in Divorce

Yesterday, I posted about a company offering a Divorce Party as the mechanism to achieve what might be termed closure in divorce.

Today’s post is at the opposite end of the closure spectrum.

A woman going through a divorce kept a journal of her experiences and emotions while going through her divorce, to help her get through it. (Many attorneys, like me, advise their divorce clients to keep a journal for the lawyer, to maintain a record of noteworthy events in their case anyway.)

Years later, this woman re-worked her journal into a novel about, of all things – a woman going through a divorce. The novel is intended to be a relatively accurate and unembellished depiction of the experience, in part to reassure people that others have been through exactly what they are going through … and survived it.

Perhaps because of its unusual genesis, the format of the novel is reportedly eclectic, ranging from poetry and diary excerpts to lists of things to do – and not to do.

Sounds both cathartic for the author and potentially reassuring and inspirational for readers taking their divorces hard.

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