Arizona Extends Protection of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders to Casual Dating Partners … After the Deaths of Two Dating Minors

Just a year and a half ago, police contacted an Arizona family to warn them that their minor Daughter’s Boyfriend had threatened to end her life and then commit suicide himself.

Quite reasonably, the family immediately applied for a domestic violence restraining order or order of protection against the Boyfriend.

But Arizona law did not allow for injunctions for protection against domestic violence by someone who was only a dating partner without cohabitation or common children.

Less than a week later, true to his word, the Boyfriend had killed the Daughter and himself.

Due to Daughter’s story, Arizona has since instituted domestic violence restraining orders against a casual dating partner.

And just one death threat can earn an aggressor an injunction for protection against domestic violence.

The Arizona law seemingly makes it easier to get an order of protection there than here in Florida.

Each day, at least three women and one man are killed by domestic violence, according to the Domestic Violence Resource Center.

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