Arkansas Legislator Adopts Girls out of Foster Care and Then Gives Them Away to Another Family … Where One is Raped

Husband and Wife adopt two Girls out of the state’s custody to add to their family, which includes three biological children, Boys.

The Girls allegedly proved to be aggressive toward the Boys and family pets, killing one of the latter, despite therapy.

The Girls’ therapist, psychiatrist and pediatrician all reportedly recommended removing the Girls from their home.

Husband and Wife eventually sought to return the Girls to the state’s custody but were reportedly told that the child welfare agency would have them prosecuted for child abandonment.

Ultimately, Husband and Wife “rehomed” the Girls, that is, gave them away to another couple. This is reportedly legal in the state of Arkansas, where Husband and Wife live.

But one of the Girls was reportedly sexually abused in the home where Husband and Wife transferred her.

The backstory.

Husband is a state legislator.

The child welfare agency and the Girls’ foster parents supposedly tried to discourage Husband and Wife from adopting these Girls due insufficient experience and the presence in the home of their Boys. Husband claimed that the child welfare agency minimized the Girls’ psychological issues.

Husband allegedly dismissed their warnings and exerted political influence to accomplish the adoption of the Girls.

The Girls’ foster parents and a respite care giver unequivocally denied that the Girls were aggressive toward people or pets.

Husband also indicated that Husband and Wife maintained a relationship with the Girls and that the head of the child welfare agency was personally aware that they had rehomed the Girls.

Husband also reportedly maintained that stipends from the child welfare agency were forwarded to the Girls’ new home.

Witnesses reported that Wife believed that the Girls were possessed by demons …


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