Mother arrested for Drunk Driving with Babies in Car

Texas Mother has two Children, an infant and a toddler.

Mother allegedly drives on Interstate but, according to a witness, “all over the road”.

Fellow drivers apparently get Mother to pull her car over, and relieve her of her car keys.

And telephone police. And wave down officers at the scene.

Oh, the two Children are in back seat of the car with Mother while she is driving this way.

And the toddler is not secured in a proper car seat.

Upon their arrival, police observe Mother to be unkempt and soiled, and confused / disoriented geographically (40 miles off target and counting).

Police administer field sobriety tests and breath tests, and measure Mother’s blood alcohol level at 209.

Mother is arrested on charges of DWI with a child as a passenger, endangering a child and not having a child safety seat for the toddler.

Oh, it is later discovered that Child Protective Services had rescued the Children from Mother and the Children should not presently be in Mother’s “care”.

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