International Child Abductors: Australia Reports Dramatic Shift from Fathers to Mothers

According to a study reported on in the Sydney [Australia] Morning Herald, in 1970, thirty percent of abductions of children to other countries were perpetrated by fathers.

Fast forward to today, and seventy percent of abductions of children to other countries are perpetrated by mothers – who are typically victims of abuse, trying to escape from it.

The study, Learning From The Links Between Domestic Violence And International Parental Child Abduction, was published by the International Social Service Australia.

This shift probably reflects two trends, one good, one bad. The good: fathers having greater rights and access under modern law and cases may feel less need to resort to international abduction. The bad: more domestic abuse is driving mothers to resort to international abduction in growing numbers.

Read more in this Sydney Morning Herald article: 70% of abductions are by mothers.