Birth Mother Loses Parental Rights and Seeks Visitation with Children She Kidnapped .. After Giving Them Up for Adoption

Florida birth Mother gives her twin babies (Twins) up for adoption.

Mother maintains she signed adoption papers under duress resulting from sleep deprivation.

Twins are adopted by North Carolina couple.

Adoption is open, according to contract, with Mother being involved with the Twins after the adoption.

Then Mother allegedly takes off to Canada with the Twins.

Mother is charged with kidnapping the Twins.

Mother’s parental rights to Twins are terminated.

Now Mother is seeking visitation with the Twins from a North Carolina court.

The trial court ruling apparently turned quickly on the fact that Mother’s parental rights had been terminated.

Mother is pressing to have a full hearing despite that.

Mother characterizes the case as a custody dispute.

The adoptive North Carolina couple characterize it as a contract dispute.

The North Carolina appellate court has yet to rule.

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