Boyfriend Arrested Second Time for Battery on Girlfriend and Child Abuse of Girlfriend’s Son

Girlfriend and Boyfriend have been involved for three years.

Several months ago, Boyfriend was arrested for battery and child abuse for allegedly punching Girlfriend and threatening to “slit” Girlfriend’s and Girlfriend’s eleven year old Son’s throats. Nonetheless, Girlfriend opposed prosecution, and authorities declined to prosecute him.

While at Girlfriend’s Home now, Girlfriend informs Boyfriend that she wants to break up with him.

Son is also in the Home at this time. And Son hears screams and other loud noises from Girlfriend’s Bedroom and then attempts to call police.

The door frame to Bedroom is damaged, and broken glass is strewn throughout the Bedroom.

Boyfriend threatens Son, and then chokes and punches him.

Again, authorities arrest Boyfriend, and Girlfriend opposes legal measures against Boyfriend. Son fills police in on what happened.

Boyfriend is confined in County jail.

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