British Columbia Expected to Jump on the Bandwagon of Phasing Out Child “Custody” Terminology

British Columbia, Canada, following in the footsteps of Australia, Florida, other US states and other countries, is the latest to trumpet their impending revolutionary changes in family law.

In British Columbia, the revolution will be accomplished by swapping the words “guardianship” and “parental responsibility” for the word “custody”.

In Florida, our revolution was accomplished by swapping the word timesharing for the words visitation and ” (physical) custody”, and the words “parental responsibility” for ” (legal) custody”.

Anticipation of the revolution inspires lofty goals and high hopes about a kinder, gentler divorce and separation process.

But the reality of the post-revolution world proves that the more things change, the more they stay the same…

Except for the terminology, of course.

Read more in this Vancouver Sun article: Eliminating child ‘custody’ tries to ease pain of separation.