Can a Big Corporation Go to Court to Dismiss a Couple’s Divorce?

Wisconsin couple files for divorce.

Big Corporation seeks to intervene in, or step into, the case…

To dismiss the couple’s divorce.

The presiding trial judge has one preliminary question before the Court will listen to the Corporation’s arguments for dismissal:

does the Corporation have standing to insinuate itself into the case?

Standing is a legal term that ponders what legal interest does this Corporation have that would entitle this Corporation to butt into this couple’s divorce?

A seemingly good question.

Here’s what the Corporation reportedly relies on to support its standing.

Apparently the Husband was indicted on 20 odd counts of defrauding Corporation by inflating invoices to the Corporation from his trucking businesses.

And then a civil court granted Corporation a judgment against Husband for over $200 million.

Several days later is when Wife filed for divorce from Husband.

In the divorce, Wife asks for pretty substantial sums for child support and alimony.

Corporation essentially alleges that the couple seeks to use the divorce as a way of shielding assets from the civil court money judgment in favor of Corporation.

And maintains that the couple took trips together just before and even after the divorce began.

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