New York Stalker Doesn’t Get the Message … Again

An upstate New York Man doesn’t get the message.

On one occasion, the Man was found at a Woman’s home with a knife.

Man was sentenced to 2 years’ incarceration for stalking the Woman and criminal contempt for violating a no contact order.

The Man’s incarceration was concluded at a hospital. Upon his release from the hospital the Man went … to the Woman’s home.

The Woman called the police and the Man left … only to return later the same day. At which time he was arrested again.

Resisting arrest was added to the charges against the Man this time around.

The Man and Woman met online and had gone out a few times. The Man would not let the Woman break up with him.

The Man is obsessed. The Court let the Man off relatively easy, arguably perceiving the Man’s obsession with Woman as benign.

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