Star Canadian Athlete Arrested for Abducting Her Child to the US

A former winner of Gold medals for Canada at the Olympics is in hot water.

She stands accused of abducting her daughter to the US in alleged violation of a custody agreement with the girl’s father. The child’s father reportedly feared that this was just the first step toward removing the girl to Iran, the athlete’s current husband’s homeland.

The mother denies any wrongdoing and insists that she is being politically persecuted. She is requesting to be released from her incarceration in Maryland so that she can return to Canada on her own.

Their daughter has already gone back to Canada with her father, who hadn’t seen her in a couple of months.

The Canadian government hasn’t yet officially requested extradition. It is allowed 60 days to do so …

The athlete’s Iranian husband allegedly also faces unrelated criminal charges in Canada. The athlete contends that those charges are also politically motivated.

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