Cheater’s Online Meeting Place Hacked, Divorce Explosion Predicted

First it was Facebook wrecking marriages and fueling divorces.

Now it’s … or so some are predicting.

The latter site is an online platform geared toward married people looking to connect with other married people, to have affairs with.

The site boasts 39 million registered members.

And the site was hacked.

And member data leaked … out there.

Waiting to be found.

By the cheated spouse.

And by anyone else as well.

Employers. Employees. Business partners. Customers. Anyone. Everyone.

Even people who paid to have their account data deleted.

Definitely a big mess.

Will it stir up marital discord, and worse? Flood family courts everywhere?

At this point, it’s not entirely clear what merely registering as a member on the website entails or proves, if anything. Nor is it entirely clear just how readily available the hacked data actually is.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, the data hack may serve as a warning shot to people who are – or are thinking about – playing with fire. Instead of taking responsible action.


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