Convict Husband Allegedly Hides Assets and Delays Divorce for Years

An Oregon man is building up a criminal record. And that is putting the brakes on his divorce.

Over the last eight years since his divorce case was filed, the husband has allegedly been attempting to hide assets from his wife.

Upon learning of the supposed fraud, the wife renounced a settlement agreement.

The wife draws support for her position from fact that the husband, under oath in the divorce case, denied owning an interest in a resort owned by his half-brother – but then filed a separate lawsuit asserting a multi-million dollar interest in the resort.

Unfortunately for the husband, his brother testified under oath that the husband intentionally sought to divert income from his own business to the resort – to hide it from his wife in the divorce case.

Now the husband alleges that he purchased an ownership interest in the resort. And the brother contends that he purchased only an interest in the stream of net income.

The husband reportedly refused to enter a written agreement. After all, that could be found and used by the wife in the divorce case.

In the suit against his brother, the Court awarded the husband a substantial (but fixed) sum of money – but no ownership interest.

Part or all of the amount of the judgment may be subject to property division between the spouses – or, possibly, allocated to support.

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