Convicted Murderer Awarded Legal Aid to Seek Custody of Victim’s Children

UK Wife has four Children, ages 3 to 9.

Husband is convicted of murdering Wife … brutally.

Husband is serving a life sentence for that murder.

The Children are presently in the care of Wife’s family.

Now Husband seeks custody of Wife’s Children.

Strangely, Husband is not actually listed on any of the Children’s birth certificates.

Husband refuses to submit to a DNA test to prove his paternity.

Despite this, Husband is awarded legal aid for his custody case.

Litigation ensues over the prospect of utilizing Husband’s DNA from the murder crime scene to prove – or disprove – Husband’s paternity of Children.

A trial court rules that the crime scene DNA can be used for this purpose. But an appellate court has reversed that ruling.

In most US states, Husband would likely be legally presumed to be Children’s father if they were born during Husband’s marriage to their mother, Wife.

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