Mother of American Convicted of Abducting American Child from California to Korea

American Husband and Korean Wife meet as students in California, marry and have Daughter together in 2008.

Husband is a veteran of the Iraq War who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries, and resulting depression and “erratic behavior”.

Wife is twice-divorced, the second time from an American man who was convicted of domestic violence against her. Wife, who is out of legal status in the US, has been seeking a US visa as a victim of domestic violence.

In 2009, Wife allegedly abducted Daughter to Korea, and Husband reported the abduction to federal authorities. Because of that, Wife was arrested last fall when she made a trip to Hawaii.

Since her arrest, Wife has been in a California jail awaiting trial on the federal felony child abduction charge and possibly on deportation, and Daughter has been in Husband’s sole custody without any visitation for Wife.

Husband now works steadily as a substitute teacher in a high school.

Wife alleges that she took off with Daughter because Husband was aggressive, and she was worried about Daughter’s and her own safety.

Husband admitted in court to once grabbing Wife by the throat and throwing her against a wall after she injured him and Daughter. Although police were called over that incident, no arrest was made.

Wife has now been convicted of child abduction and awaits sentencing.