Couple’s Children Witness Domestic Violence Against Mother and Apparent Murder of Father in Self Defense

Husband and Wife have two Daughters together, ages eight and twelve.

Husband and Wife argue.

Wife flees the home and gets in their car with Daughters.

Husband follows and won’t back off, clawing at car.

Wife hits Husband with the car. Reportedly, accidentally.

Wife is arrested and charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and reckless homicide.

Wife, a school teacher, is suspended from her job.

Then a recording of the 911 call by elder Daughter is released.

The chilling call reveals that Husband had attacked Wife. And possibly the elder Daughter.

Daughters and Wife are clearly terrified.

The criminal charges against Wife are dismissed.

Wife is reinstated in her teaching job.

Conclusions were apparently leaped to.

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