Different Parenting Styles May Clash Sharply After Divorce

After divorce, different approaches to parenting can create great conflict between parents.

Sometimes one parent is stricter and has more household rules.

And the other parent is more permissive, laidback and/or trusting than the other. And if that parent travels for business, that parent may leave teenaged children and their friends unsupervised, even overnight.

These parenting disputes can encourage children to manipulate one or both parents and spur them to exercise their rights, real or imagined, over which parent they spend time with.

They can also lead to wild parties and other incidents that result in property damage, risky and inappropriate behavior, and even injuries.

Ideally, parents will work together to provide children with consistency – and safety.

But things don’t always go that well in the post-divorce universe. Sometimes these disputes push parents back into court and into working with various professional coparenting facilitators.

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