Divorce Court Turns the Table on Husband Who Casts Himself as Victim

Zambian Husband and Wife have been married for about a year. They have one child together.

Husband works a distance from home and returns only on weekends.

Third parties allegedly whisper in Husband’s ear that Wife is having affairs.

On a visit home, Husband finds contraceptives among Wife’s personal belongings, unused by them as a couple.

Husband believes the rumors he has heard about Wife, and files for divorce.

At trial, in the course of testifying about marital property acquired during the marriage, Husband attributes ownership of one parcel of land to his sister … only to have her deny any knowledge of the property in her testimony.

The family court judge chastizes Husband for lying under oath, a felony punishable by seven years in prison, and promises to refer the matter to the appropriate officials.

Wife testifies that she does not want a divorce despite Husband’s behavior.

Family court defers ruling on Husband and Wife’s divorce for reasons unspecified.

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