Don’t Write Off That Prenuptial Agreement Prematurely

Prenuptial agreements (or prenups) should be as routine as wedding planning and marriage preparation.

Almost half of all marriages end in divorce.

Some divorces turn very, very nasty and very, very expensive.

A lot of that can be avoided with a sound antenuptial agreement.

If a couple is discussing incomes, bills, spending, savings, money expectations, money plans (and they should be), a prenup is just part and parcel of that conversation.

Every engaged couple should consider a prenup regardless of how little they may have today (things change), but an antenuptial agreement is especially worthwhile in the following situations:

  1. when either or both future spouses own significant assets at the time of marriage

  2. when either future spouse already has children from a previous relationship

  3. when one future spouse has an interest in a business

  4. when there is a considerable difference in the incomes of the two future spouses

  5. when there is a significant age difference between the future spouses

  6. when either future spouse agrees to support the other during their professional education or training

  7. when it is anticipated that either spouse will inherit property

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