UK Awards Nigerian Wife Long Residing in the UK Substantial UK Marital Property After Nigerian Divorce Leaves Her Homeless

Wealthy Nigerians are reportedly partial to the UK.

And so it was with one couple who eventually owned a home there, and whose five children were all born and educated there.

Six years after their marriage, Husband became an attorney and opened a successful law practice in Nigeria.

Twenty-odd years after their marriage, Husband and Wife separate.

Husband seeks and obtains a divorce in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Court awards now-elderly Wife practically nothing of the couple’s considerable marital estate.

As a result, Wife becomes homeless in the UK – and qualifies for legal aid in the UK.

Wife then sues Husband in the UK for a share of the marital assets located in the UK under an unusual UK statute directed at just such a situation as Wife’s.

The lower UK courts struggles with Husband’s jurisdictional challenges and policy concerns about relitigating matters already litigated in other jurisdictions

But the UK Supreme Court reverses, finding that Husband and Wife had strong ties to the UK throughout their marriage, which should have supported jurisdiction over their divorce under the UK’s more equitable laws.

And, consistent with the spirit of those laws, the UK’s highest court awards Wife 275,000 UK pounds.

The case is expected to capture the attention of affluent Nigerians for whom the UK is a second, if not primary, home.

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