E-Mails Sent From Government and Personal Computers Figure Prominently in a Child Custody Litigation in Tennessee, But Whose E-Mails are They?

Mother and Father divorce. Each remarries.

But they are both still jockeying for custody of their two kids.

Follow closely.

E-mails sent from Mother’s new husband’s e-mail account contain religious slurs and threats against Mother … and the kids. One message, sent to one of their children, intimidates, if not threatens, their kids.

Who sent the messages? One might be tempted to say Mother … or her new husband.

But Mother alleges that Father … and his new wife …, using information gleaned from “keylogging” software, hacked into an e-mail account of Mother’s new husband’s, and sent the messages from her new husband’s e-mail account.

Mother also alleges that one of the sending computers was a state-owned computer … used by Father’s new wife in her government job.

As luck would have it, Father’s new wife recently quit her job with the state, under scrutiny over use of government equipment in personal matters.

It was alleged that the questionable e-mails were used in an attempt to defraud the Family Court into favoring Father for custody.

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