Equal Timesharing: At Least One Utah Voter Endorses It – Because It Rights the Wrongs of the ‘Evil’ Child Support System

A (male) Utah editorialist (who also happens to be an MD) strongly endorses joint physical custody of minor children – also known as equal timesharing.

Of course, there are a lot of perfectly good reasons why one might advocate for equal timesharing.

But why did this particular editorialist do it?

For the most part, because, he contends, it would counter the impact of having to pay unfair amounts of child support, which he maintains, in substance, oppresses noncustodial parents, usually fathers.

That’s the primary reason cited in support of equal timesharing.

Secondarily, he argues, the prospect of equal timesharing would eliminate what he perceives as the economic incentive that he believes motivates most divorces, which, he reports, are initiated by women.

Thirdly, he remarks, joint legal custody actually results in enhanced collection of child support. “Believe it or not”.

Near to last, and apparently least, joint physical custody better reflects (whatever that means) modern family life, especially among Utah residents who may be disproportionately Mormon.

Read more, if desired, in this Deseret [UT] News article: Joint physical custody has many advantages.