New York Man Tries to Hire Hit Man to Get Around Property Division in Divorce

When all is said and done, for some spouses, the absolute worst part of divorce is the prospect of property division, called equitable distribution in Florida.

And so it apparently was for a Long Island father and husband who had been married for 9 years but together with his wife for 20 years in total.

According to his wife, the man was abusive and controlling. In the end, his wife said, it was all about “greed and control” for him.

In an effort to avoid having to part with any of his assets, the man allegedly attempted to hire a paid hit man to murder his wife. He reportedly tried to schedule the “hit” for a time when their children would be out of the country with him.

Under arrest, the man now probably has different concerns, such as the possibility of 25 years behind bars.

And his wife says she lives with fear as her constant companion. And the stress of trying to protect their kids from the knowledge of what their father allegedly did.

Amazingly, the man’s sister tried to pick up one of their kids from school after the man’s arrest. She wasn’t successful.

The man’s lawyer now says the man later had a change of heart and tried to back out of the contract killing.

Before or after his arrest?

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