Finally … A Separating Parents’ Class For The Parents Who Never Tied the Knot

It’s very common for divorcing parents to be ordered to attend a parenting class for divorcing parents.

Never-married parents may be required to attend the same class, but they frequently feel that it “doesn’t apply to them”.

Ohio’s Stark County is attempting to address that program flaw by instituting a separate class for never-married parents.

The course emphasizes communications skills and appreciating the importance of both parents to a child.

The new program provides mediators and a psychologist to educate parents on “psychological wellness for kids”.

It is hoped that the new program will benefit the growing numbers of children of unmarried parents as well as the unmarried parents themselves.

In future years, the new course will be funded through court fees.

Read more in this Stark County [OH] Press-News article: New parenting program offered to never married parents who are separating.