For the New Noncustodial Parent: How to Spend Timesharing and Visitation

After a breakup, parenting takes on a new dimension.

For some parents, they really begin learning how to parent themselves for the first time.

One of the things the noncustodial parent must now do is find meaningful yet enjoyable activities to do with their child during their visitation or timesharing.

One father shares some resources he has come to rely on:

  • visitors bureaus can acquaint you with activities and attractions you probably don’t know about.

  • local public libraries sponsor many activities and events that appeal to children, as well as provide information about even more.

  • you can fashion a tour or itinerary for each day you have timesharing and visitation. Take advantage of the changes of season (if applicable) where you are enjoying your timesharing and visitation.

  • put on a “kid’s thinking cap” to help you evaluate all the possibilities from a child’s – your child’s – point of view.

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