Grandfather Arrested for Abandoning Five Year Old in the Desert With a Loaded Gun

Arizona Grandfather sets out with five year old Granddaughter in his new pickup truck. Only the pickup truck breaks down.

So Grandfather and Granddaughter continue their travels in the desert heat on foot.Granddaughter eventually tires and is unable to continue.

So Grandfather finds a well-camouflaged spot to leave Granddaughter and places his loaded pistol in her hand in the firing position, actually cocked.

Grandfather leaves Granddaughter, instructing her to “shoot any bad guys”.

And then heads for a cheeseburger and some alcoholic refreshments. And that is where he is found by law enforcement officers.

Having failed to seek any assistance or attention for Granddaughter. The state’s child welfare agency is notified, but Granddaughter is released to her mother.

Grandfather is, however, arrested on charges of child abuse and child endangerment.

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