Mother Allegedly Responsible in Her Previous Three Children’s Deaths Seeks to Regain Custody of Her New Three Living Children

Single Illinois Mother has three Children and a Boyfriend, who is not their father.

Mother also has history of mental illness, largely untreated, and substance abuse.

Boyfriend has history of domestic violence and drug use.

Boyfriend allegedly drives Mother’s car into a lake … with Mother’s three Children in it.

Allegedly, neither Mother nor Boyfriend makes any move to rescue the Children.

Children drown.

Boyfriend is convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Mother is convicted of child endangerment, but released from prison after five years.

Upon Mother’s release, she marries Husband.

And Mother and Husband have three more Kids together, now ranging from two to five years of age.

Husband has a history of domestic violence and drug use. Mother even sought an order of protection from Husband while she was pregnant with one of their Kids.

One of Mother’s physicians recognizes Mother and notifies the local child welfare agency of her situation.

At which point Mother’s three living Kids are taken into child protective custody.

At a juvenile dependency hearing, the Illinois family court finds evidence of abuse and neglect, despite a lack of visible current injury or physical harm. The Illinois family court further concludes that it need not wait until serious harm befalls the Kids to intervene on their behalf.

The Kids are left in child protective custody.

At subsequent hearings, the Illinois family court will determine whether the Kids remain in child protective custody or similar placement, and whether Mother and Husband’s parental rights to Kids should be terminated.