Grandparents Lose Baby to Foster Care for Giving Baby Pacifier … Over Her Mother’s Protest

Washington State teen Mother and Baby live with Baby’s Grandparents.

Grandparents care for Baby.

Then Mother moves out with Baby.

Baby loses significant weight, and doctor reports neglect to Child Protective Services.

Baby is placed with Grandparents.

Baby improves.

Then Mother and Baby are placed in “transitional housing”.

Mother gets evicted.

Grandparents complain to child welfare and their senator over the handling of the case.

Now Baby gets placed in foster care, instead of back with Grandparents.

Apparently child welfare agents changed their collective minds about Grandparents.

Their documentation finds fault with Grandparents undermining Mother’s parenting – by giving Baby a pacifier over Mother’s protests.

There are many unfavorable conclusions disproved by child welfare’s own documentation.

Under Washington State law, relatives are favored for placement over foster care.

Agency officials report that child welfare professionals don’t always follow the law.

Grandparents are even denied visitation for extended time based upon an alleged court order that doesn’t exist.

Now child welfare is pushing for the Baby to be adopted by her foster mother.

But the case will be back before a judge before long.

Read more in this [Washington State] NWCN TV news article – Investigators: Grandparents passed over in favor of foster care.