Hard Times Pushing Many Into Mental Illness

Hard times are pushing many into mental illness, reports an article in the Buffalo [NY] News.

The article talks about widespread stressors these days, such as: recession, the mortgage crisis, foreclosures, layoffs, business closings, credit crunch, gas prices and inflation, Ponzi schemes, devalued retirement savings, and snow and cold (well, at least that one doesn’t apply here in South Florida).

Of one couple’s three adult children, two are laid off and one is unemployed.

Anxiety is commonplace and – some people are slipping over the edge. Sometimes with killing sprees and suicides.

Experts recommend reaching out to others, trying to avoid the barrage of gloom and doom from media and others, and staying focused and anchored in the here and now.

The article barely mentions family law matters. Just one casual reference to a “recently divorced” man who was racking up debt after losing his job and was saddled with an alimony obligation on top of that.

But all of these stressors on individuals also affect their families and exes.

At best, they can inspire more frequent and heated arguments and disharmony into the family. At worst, they can incite domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, juvenile delinquency and more.

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